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Tone up Arms

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Say bye to your flabby arms! If you're not happy with that underarm flab and just generally shapeless arms, then Tone Up Arms is for you!

Tone Up Arms is the tonic to your current upper body look. It's unique action is designed specifically for toning and shaping your upper body in one unified tool. In order to get a leaner, tighter upper body you will need to work out a lot of muscle groups. And normally this involves many different tools or several expensive dumbbell sets.
This was the problem that the engineers of Tone Up Arms tackled: to create a tool that targets and tones the different parts of the upper body, all the while being intensive enough to burn fat. The solution to this problem is Tone Up Arms' unique Dual Lever Action.

The resistance created by the Tone Up Arms is easily increased as you get stronger. Start with band n° 1 and after consistent exercise you'll reach n° 2 and eventually n° 3. Band three is specially designed to remain difficult enough that, even as you get stronger, it can be used indefinitely for toning and burning fat.

Get it now and enjoy your arms again ;-)


  • Tone and strengthen the upper body
  • Dual Lever Action
  • Burn fat at the same time
  • All-in-one tool
  • Three different resistance band


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