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Star Night Light

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Discover Starlight, the nightlight that lets you sleep under the stars in your very own bed!

Putting kids to bed can be such a hassle. With Star Night Light this is a problem of the past. Kids will want to stay in bed as they are distracted and lulled to sleep by the slow celestial show. Rotating or fixed in place and with four different color options, Star Night Light is so much more than a nightlight. It's the ticket to a good night sleep for your child and an uninterrupted night's sleep for you!.

Perfect for imaginative children Star Night Light projects a stellar fantasy all around the room transforming it from something dark and scary into something lighthearted and fantastic. Star Night Light is also the perfect strength. It is bright enough to chase away the dark but not so bright that it will keep your child awake. If your child is particularly sensitive to light, you can select a more muted color such as blue or green.

The PERFECT gift for friends and family. Get them now!

  • Facilitates a good night's sleep
  • Fixed or Rotating
  • Different colors
  • LED lights never need to be replaced


Powered by USB or four batteries AAA (not included)

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