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Comfy Spa Gel Eye Mask

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The sources of discomfort and pain that can turn a normal day into an ordeal to be survived are vast and diverse. Modern lifestyles sometimes seem designed to produce headaches, eye strain, muscle tightness, and illness, as if this were some sort of price we are expected to pay for living in such interesting times.

Of course, this kind of physical punishment is not really a necessary companion to modern living; it is only an unfortunate side effect of a society that seems addicted to the concept of “too much” – too much stress, too much noise, too much traffic, too much work, and so on. Pain is the body’s response to busy habits that seldom leave enough time for proper rest and relaxation.

The body frequently reveals the stress and tension it is under through the manifestation of pain in the forehead and in the area around the eyes. Tension headaches and eye soreness are like little modern plagues following us around wherever we go and making us feel miserable.

But there is one product that in its simplicity and efficiency can offer us true relief from this kind of nagging pain and persistent suffering – the gel mask. Designed to be worn over the eyes and/or the forehead, gel masks can be used to apply either heat or cold to troubled areas, depending on the condition that is being treated.

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