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Drain Weasel Anti-Clog Wand

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Thank goodness for Hair Anti-clog Tool. Fast, safe and easy – it’s a clever, chemical-free disposal method for removing any hair and soapy gunk that might be blocking the pipes below your bathroom plug holes, so that water can flow freely once more.Power Wheels is based on the abdominal roller but improves it in crucial ways. The first is that each hand is independent. Much likes using dumbbells rather than a barbel, this helps increase the intensity of the workout, develop balance, and equally strengthen both sides of the body rather than letting one side compensate for the other.





  • Instantly fixes hair-clogged drains micro hook technology
  • Starter Kit includes one reusable handle and two 18 inch disposable wands
  • Handle spins 360° and entangles clogs for quick removal
  • Wands easily detach from handle after use
  • Slim 1/8" design works in most bathroom sinks, showers, and tubs without disassembling the drain- No dangerous chemical drain cleaners needed

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