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Fitness Power Wheels

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Meet the next generation of abdominal workouts. Power Wheels takes the proven technology of the abdominal roller.... and makes it far more effective, versatile, and low impact.


This incredible workout tool combines two of the most popular ways to workout in order to create a workout of unparalleled efficacy. Designed specifically to provide an incredibly intense but low impact workout, Power Wheels allows you to up the difficulty as you progress, but you can start at literally any fitness level.

Power Wheels is based on the abdominal roller but improves it in crucial ways. The first is that each hand is independent. Much likes using dumbbells rather than a barbel, this helps increase the intensity of the workout, develop balance, and equally strengthen both sides of the body rather than letting one side compensate for the other.

The integration of resistance bands does two things, one is that it makes over extension much harder. Two, it allows for far, far more workouts to be performed with Power Wheels. This really is an all-in-one workout solution.



Power Wheels is extremely easy to use. It's headline function is, of course, that of an advanced athletic roller. Place your knees on the pad and slowly extend your body out and the back in. The attached resistance bands limit the risk of over extension and are designed to make the workout more fluid. It can also be used for side rolls, curls, rows, and much more. Power Wheels is designed to fill all of your needs!


Power Wheels works the entire core to help you get a flat stomach, a perfect posture, and a huge increase in overall health and strength!

Power Wheels offers can be used for 44 different exercises and has 6 different levels of resistance. So no matter your fitness level, Power Wheels is ready to help you reach the next.


  • Simply one of the best exercise tools for the abs
  • Increases abdominal strength and stamina
  • Improves your posture!
  • A flat stomach, guaranteed
  • Also works out the back, arms, thighs and shoulders
  • Low impact

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