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Flourish Lama Mobile Phone Sticker

Flourish Lama Mobile Phone Sticker

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The Flourish Lama Mobile Phone Sticker is an amazing nano rubber pad with strong adsorption ability. Suitable for office, living room, bathroom, kitchen, car and other places.

  • VERSATILE - The universal sticker does not require any glue or nails. The rubber pad can be posted on the wall, glass, or car for smartphone and iPad. Used as a phone stand or Car Bracket Pods.
  • MAGIC USAGE & GREAT SUCTION FORCE - The flourish lama stick is full of flexibility and amazing suction force. A heavy bottle can be stuck on the wall without any risk of falling down.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - When finishing using, the flourish lama can be easily taken of from the edge. Also it can be repeatedly used after easy water cleaning.
  • HEAT RESISTANT - The Nano Flourish Lama is also not afraid of UV and high temperature exposure. Even when the temperature reaches 212, there is no risk of melting or deformation. 

Pay attention to goods safety, heavier, vulnerable, expensive items should try to avoid prolonged vertical or inverted paste, to prevent accidental damage.

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